Market report Swedish growth markets

40 000 kr
Excl. tax
The report includes, for example:
  • General information about the municipalities and its population
  • The largest transactions for each municipality
  • Forecast of rental and vacancy rates and yielder
  • Planned construction projects
  • Future local authority and ranking of municipalities

Ranking of Sweden's 28 largest municipalities based on a property perspective
Newsec's report on the future emerging markets is unique because it offers, in addition to an analysis and overview of existing markets in Sweden's 28 largest municipalities, also an insight into how we assess developments over the next three years for the municipalities. In this report we present a well-worked and unique analysis model created by Newsec's top analysts in order to rank the municipalities in turn. The municipal report focuses on both the public but also the private market and is aimed at property owners, companies focused on development projects, fund companies and banks.

The report is distributed twice a year for a cost of 4000EUR

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